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Summer 2021 safe holidays

. . our program for your safe holidays


Are you looking forward to taking a mountain holiday full of nature walks, fresh air and breathtaking views, leaving the lockdown behind you?

We will be waiting for you ready as well as our whole locality with its ski lifts, sports facilities, parks, Lake Molveno, unless we are given different indications.


From this winter, even more pampered ... the breakfast buffet will be served directly by one of our waitresses and all meals will be served at the table.

For dinner there is an appetizer at the table and a small buffet of vegetables served. In our three restaurant areas the space will be such as to be able to welcome you safely spaced. We will extend the hours in order to better distribute the turnout in the restaurant.

Instead of the self-service buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there will be a protected buffet served by our collaborators in total safety. The rest of the service will be carried out comfortably at the table.


Mini Club this winter ... we are organizing ourselves, with small groups and highly trained entertainers to be able to manage our little guests!
We will promote outdoor activities as much as possible and in any case the environments will be sanitized several times a day.
The heart of the activities for families will be the daily program of walks, workshops and experiences related to the area, starting from the hotel, also suitable for trekking strollers.
We will also organize 2 a day! We will move in small groups and therefore you can choose the times you prefer!


Cleaning is always our workhorse, now more than ever!

Our rooms have always been sanitized before the arrival of our guests. All the spaces and what is touched most often such as the elevator buttons, the handles are sanitized several times, every day.

Our Reception, trained for every emergency, will explain to each family how to enjoy their holiday taking care of themselves, their spaces, and other families.


Susanna, our Spa manager, will be ready to welcome you in complete safety.

We will schedule access by reservation and extend the hours of use from 10 am to 7 pm every day, in order to guarantee a little well-deserved relaxation, but without crowding. Turkish baths and herbal cabin will also be accessible in "private spa" mode by reservation.


To ensure maximum safety, we have decided to adopt a standard and complete sanitization protocol. Here is the attachment with the specifications of the procedures adopted and the suggested behaviors.

This winter we will increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of any common space.

The rooms, in addition to sanitizing all surfaces with specific products, will be sanitized with certified ozone machinery. Also you will not find furnishing accessories such as runners and decorative pillows doilies. A checklist has been developed in our cleaning procedures, which our housekeeper will closely follow. A few examples: sanitizing the chamber handle, sanitizing the remote control, sanitizing the switches, sanitizing the temperature thermostat.


Fortunately, in the mountains the use of air conditioning is not necessary, usually the temperatures are pleasant. In all common areas the use of air conditioning and recirculation inside the ventilation systems is disabled. In rooms with forced ventilation, recirculation has been deactivated. Only clean external air is introduced and internal air is expelled.

We have already carried out the replacement and maintenance of the wellness center, hall and dining room system. The rooms are not equipped with air conditioning!


Our reception will always be available as is usually the case. In addition, to avoid queues, you will be asked to check in directly online (an e-mail will arrive a few days before arrival) and any questions requested can be done comfortably with WhatsApp.
Is the use of the mask required by the guests?
Only in cases where it is not possible to maintain the distance of one meter towards other people not belonging to the family group.

We are ready to welcome you and you?
We guarantee your and our safety, we are sure we can offer a holiday based on the standards that distinguish us.
We will be happy to give the children a week of outdoor fun, while also guaranteeing some well-deserved relaxation for you parents!